July 29th, 2008

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Dork Moment #332 - More Book Ramblings

Curiosity question: Do you ever write to authors?


Sometimes when an author emails me directly I get all excited and think "Wow! A Real Live Author wants to talk to me! Amazing!"

...and then sometimes I just think that, gee, they're regular people and I'm crazy for reacting the other way.

I was trying to write a review at Rinconada tonight for Stealing Athena. I am very unsatisfied with it so I think I might redo it tomorrow. Sometimes, though, I think the only good reviews I write are the nasty ones. If I really disliked a book they're certainly the most therapeutic. But at the same time, I know authors put a lot of work into their books and ripping into the book can be a real personal form of insult.
If you dislike something, and you're expected to give your opinion, is it better to say it's horrible or say nothing at all?