August 30th, 2008

kid - the princess screams.

Goodbye job...

So I messed up when I was registering for classes this quarter and if I want to stay on track to transfer, I have to be at school Monday and Wednesday afternoons. This means I have to quit at the acupuncture clinic, because I can't work my 3-8 shift and there's no other time to work. I'm really bummed about it; I told Dr. W today so he'd have about a month to find a replacement, but I still guilty because I didn't mean for this to be just a summer job, and now they have to go and train someone else to my level of inadequacy.

He asked me if I wanted to stay to work Fridays since 3-8 doesn't conflict then, but I told him it would probably be a lot easier for him to find a replacement if he had three shifts available. So in theory I might still work one day a week, but I think it would serve his purposes better to have one person doing the three afternoon shifts.

I'll stay 'til the end of September or until they find a replacement, whichever comes first.