September 3rd, 2008

bath & body works - aquatanica spa

Eeeew I am so sweaty and gross.

On Monday we painted my brother's room a lovely Wedgewood Blue and rented a rug cleaner from Safeway (did you know you could rent those from grocery stores? I had no idea!) and shampooed the heck out of all our downstairs carpet. (Didn't do a bit of good; they're still hideously stained.) Mom or Seanie or Dad - somebody! - emptied all the dirty water from the cleaner into my shower, and it is now hopelessly clogged. So I guess I have to buy some Drain-o. But ugh. I don't want to take a shower because the floor tiles are disgustingly grungy, with bits of lint and dirt and who knows what else caked all over. But I don't want to go out to the store and buy whatever it takes to de-plug the drain in my current cloud of stench; after jogging for an hour you can literally see stink waves coming off me. It's so beyond gross. Just like the shower.