September 9th, 2008


La di da da, not much going on.

It is really windy today. At the Rinconada clubhouse there are several tall palm trees, and whenever I go outside on my rounds I can hear them creaking as they sway. One of them leans noticeablyto the left, and I get very concerned when I think about the potential to come crashing down. But the palm fronds - which are yellowing at the tips, I wonder if that is a sign of a sick tree? - are very hypnotic as they are blown all over the place. I can't stop watching.

Seanie's taking me to the Asian Art Museum on Friday and I'm very excited. I've been wanting to see the Ming Dynasty exhibit for weeks now. I'm not sure what else we'll do while we're up in San Francisco. But it's going to be so fun to go somewhere outside of San Jose!

I love these quiet nights at Rinconada. They're perfect for spacing out. When school starts in two weeks, I'll be able to do my homework here. Getting paid to do my homework. Nice.