November 30th, 2008

piranha - merry christmas.

Christmas Wish List 2008

OK, this post is mostly for family and close friends. The vast majority of you will not be exchanging Christmas gifts with me, so feel free to ignore it.


Preface: This is going to sound extremely ungrateful; I know. I'm sorry. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE understand that I live at home, and our house already has a quarter century's worth of clutter piling up. I simply DO NOT have storage space for baubles, tchockies, or stuff. The items on my wishlist are not physical items for a reason.

The only reason the books are on the list is because last year, the major reason I was given that people chose not to give to charities (the only thing I requested) was that they wanted something to "put under the tree." But I put the books on the list as a last resort.

Seriously, though, folks.

Now, if after that rather bitchy diatribe you still wish to get me a Christmas present (and if you don't, that is also fine, because we all know the economy is awful this year and you should spend the money on yourself, not me) here is what I would like this year:


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