December 5th, 2008

kid - all gone.

School whining again, sorry

So I knocked my first class out today. Greene's English class. Gave a speech, turned in an essay about magazines programming women to feel inadequate (duh) written over the previous few days and wrote an in-class essay about how my writing has evolved in the past semester. Hard to say. Taking three English/Lit classes certainly has helped my writing, if only for the sheer volume of essays I had to produce, but I can't really say which teacher developed which skills. (Well, I can safely say that my Asian American Lit teacher has done virtually NOTHING for me, and I regret taking his class. However, it's also a class I'm probably going to get my highest grade in, so I can't complain too much.)

I hate the last week of school. So so so much to do.
Also, my right eye seems to have develop a twitch the past few days. I hope it's just 'cuz I'm tired.