January 20th, 2009


Barack Obama's Inaguration

That was a beautiful ceremony.

Could've definitely lived without the poem. 

Obama's speech dotted the i's and crossed the t's; I think he said just about everything he needed to.  I really am full of respect for his speaking skills; whether or not he is an effective leader remains to be seen but he definitely can make tough times sound better, and that can have a huge effect on the national morale.

I know he isn't popular amongst many of my more 'liberal' acquaintences because of his role in Prop. 8's passage, but I am a fan of Rev. Rick Warren, and I thought he did an adequate job, but Rev. Lowery just blew him out of the water.  I may just be sucker for rhyming rhetoric, but the last lines of his speech will probably be quoted by me all freakin' day.  Because the red man should get ahead, man!

Time to get ready for class.  Good times.  Can't wait to wake up tomorrow and get sucked back into reality.

edited to add: Seriously, agreeing with R.K. on this one.  Could have lived without the poem.