February 16th, 2009

piranha - don't think about it tomorrow.

The Sacred Religion of Antinous, God of Homosexuality and Male Beauty.?

"Antinous is a the God of Homosexuality, we recognise HIM as the savior of all gay men, through the power of his beauty which awakens us to the beauty of the cosmos, and prepares our souls for transfiguration."

...and how does the god of homosexuality prepare our souls the souls of gay men for transfiguration?

"To show that the Egyptians were not simply heathens, that Antinous truly rose from the dead and perpetually dies still today, I point to the dying gods of our own time...James Dean, Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix, and Matthew Shepard."

Kurt Cobain, James Dean, River Phoenix also appear on the list of Blessed Gay Saints, while Matthew Shepard joins the Knights Templar and "those lost to the AIDS" as Innocent Martyrs. Heath Ledger makes an appearance as a Venerable Saint.

Oh, Internet, you really can find everything here.

Wikipedia on Antinous if you're unfamiliar with the historical figure.