February 23rd, 2009

piranha - blowing smoke.

Finding the joy of cleaning

So I scrubbed off the bathroom counter today. I know it's such a mundane chore and everybody does it...but the frequency with which I do this makes the cleaning a special occasion. Truly. I can't even remember the last time I scrubbed down the sinks, mirror and counter...but it was certainly back in 2008. It took an hour.

I'm going to try to do a piece of the bathroom every day. For some reason it's absolutely intimidating to clean my tiny bathroom...I think mostly because I loathe the idea of cleaning just that much. But once I start scrubbing it's not so bad.

Monday - Mirror, counter, sinks
Tuesday - Toilet
Wednesday - Shower walls + door
Thursday - Bathtub
Friday - Floor

I tried to be mindful of the tasks (heavily influenced by recent research on Buddhism, I'm sure) and surprisingly, cleaning becomes relaxing if you focus in the moment. I feel like it's some sort of trick. My brain wants me to think cleaning is nice so I'll do more of it. Damn, that's sneaky.
Yet that would also be clever, which I'm pretty sure my mind is not. (That old saying about the mind as a steel trap? My trap has rusted and the trigger's disconnected.)
But hey! Cleaning as a de-stressing agent? I'll take it!
piranha - fresh faced youth.

Hey, wait a minute...!

A totally random thing I suddenly realized today:

So we did a Secret Santa thing at Lush. We drew names in December, and were supposed to exchange the gifts at the holiday dinner in January. I had to work that night, so I left the gift for my Secret Santa in the back room so someone could take it to the party. I had never worked with the person whose name I drew (so awkward, I knew nothing about her at all!) so I bought a bunch of candy/snacks from the local Japanese store and hoped for the best. I assume she got it, because the next time I was a the store the gift was gone.

But today I just realized that I never got a gift! It makes me wonder:
- Did the person who drew my name drop the ball?
- Was my name not included in the original drawing? (Except it must have been, because there was an even number of little slips of paper.)
- Did someone get me a gift, but since I was not at the party they took it back home with them?
- Did someone get me a gift, and leave it at the store, and someone else took it home? Or, did it get thrown away because I didn't pick it up?

I hope my gift made it to its recipient OK. I never got a thank you from her, so I can only assume it made it into her hands because it wasn't at the store the next time I worked. (If the candies got thrown out in some weird cleaning binge, that'd be irritating. I really didn't have the money to spend on Lush morale-boosting projects.)

Well, whatever. That's waaaaaaaaaay back in the past now. Best to leave it there.
(But seriously, what a random thing to pop into my head.)