March 13th, 2009

kid - of a shyness that is criminally vu

I kinda wanna quit...but I kinda don't.

Sometimes, I really want to quit my Friday job at Dr. W's. I only go in once a week, for five hours, to play receptionist. It's an awkward time of day - 3pm to 8pm - and the pay isn't especially good. It's not particularly difficult or mentally stimulating. When a patient comes in, I stick them in a room. When they're done, I clean the room up, schedule the patient's next appointment, and collect money. Doc always manages to have random projects for me to work on - find him a car to buy, scan old articles about different supplements into the computer, inventory the herbs - so I don't spend time twiddling my thumbs, but it definitely isn't exciting.

Yet, I don't leave. It's a job. It's $50 a week, so it covers my gasoline costs just about perfectly. The hours are somewhat erratic, since he closes early once or twice a month, which cancels my shift. I don't really like going in, but it doesn't kill me. With the economy the way it is - and money tight as it is - it would be foolish to get rid of the job. I mean, Lush isn't working me (although that's as much my choice as theirs.) Rinconada will bump me up to 20 hours a week next month, but that still isn't a lot of cash.

I mean, I bitch about money so much here it should be pretty obvious that I shouldn't get rid of an opportunity to make money. I'm still considering selling my Coraline box after all. The job doesn't make me's just kind of a drag.

Man, I'm so wishy-washy that it's ridiculous.