March 14th, 2009

piranha - feather nest.

Asian Art's not so bad, I guess.

This morning in my Asian art class my teacher asked if she could have copies of my old exams for future students to use as examples of how the questions about slide identification should be answered.
I was very flattered. (Of course, I did study my brains to mush so that I could do well on the exams, but still. It is nice to know my hard work was appreciated!) I hope I still have my tests somewhere...the teacher was handing back our third exam when she asked, so I just told her to keep the exam, since I'd probably lose it if I took it. My classmate P seemed very surprised that I didn't want the exam to help study for the final, but all the information's in my notes or in the textbook.

Of course, I still haven't gotten back my weekly essay in which I complained that Siddharta is a selfish jerk who throws a government in turmoil and abandons his family because he is depressed and can't handle a world with ugliness in it. He should be a real man and just suck it up.
I can't help but feel that paper would not endear me to the teacher.