April 5th, 2009

piranha - bluebird

Salad = UGH

So when I'm working at Rinconada I tend to get bored, so I snack. Then I snack a little more. I'm beginning to suspect that the weight I've put on in the past year is solely due to this job. So when I was at Safeway yesterday I bought a huge tub of 'Fresh Herb Salad" in hopes that whenever I get the snacking urge, a mounthful of salad would tide me over.

So far it is working. I have always hated salad, and choking a mounthful of this stuff down is very effective in killing the munchies. Considering it's dry (all the fat and calories come from dressing, after all) and has all sorts of weird 'herbs' that I apparently can't stand, it's the most brilliant purchase I've made all month.

Seriously, folks. I don't know how ya'll can stand to eat rabbit food as an actual meal, but for controlling cravings it's AMAZING.