April 8th, 2009

kid - because i can bitch!

DeAnza Spring Quarter, Day 3

It's the third day of classes for the spring quarter, and I'm feeling exhausted. I have two "daily" classes that mean Monday through Thursday, and it's just exhausting having to go every day. I'm spoiled; I've avoided them for years but Mjelde and her art history class ruined it last quarter, and now in addition to her class I'm also in a daily accounting class. Argh. The good news for the accounting class is that DeAnza calls it a "blended" course, which apparently means you get several Monday sessions off. *shrug* So I can sleep in on those days, at least.

I've got some strict teachers for attendance this quarter, which is bad news. Mjelde toughened up her participation/attendance policy, so it now affects the class grade. My design teacher's an absolute Nazi about attendance, and my accounting teacher locks the door a few minutes into class so you can't even be late. (Tardiness has never been a real problem for me; if I'm running late I just don't go. Looks like that policy won't work anymore.)

But I gripe for no real reason. My teachers all seem good. I already know Mjelde's great. I didn't get into the Intermediate Drawing class, which was frustrating, but I think it's probably a blessing because realistically I'm going to be quite busy this quarter at 16 units; adding another class to my load would probably kill me.

So my classes:
Statistics - I hope to tame this wild beast this quarter! I withdrew from it in the Winter.
Accounting - It pains me to admit it, but I failed this last quarter, so I'm retaking it. At least I don't have to repay the fees for using the online homework program!
Art History III: Europe from Baroque to Impressionism - Should be a blast.
Design - Basic art class. Required for art history major. I'm glad to take it to 'ease' back into daily art, I hope!