April 26th, 2009

piranha - coming up roses.

Sales Post - Decluttering + destashing

Virtual Garage Sale

Money's a little short this month so I'm hoping to sell off some books and clothes and things and make a few dollars. Prices don't include shipping; if you want something, just reply to this post or e-mail me at fashion . piranha at gmail . com

Feel free to bargain, the more you plan to buy the more flexible I am on pricing.  I prefer Paypal, but can also take money orders and checks, but then you have to wait an extra week for everything to clear before your stuff ships.

Since my clothes listing is very image-intensive, I've given it a separate entry.  Click here to look around.  Mostly gorgeous Lip Service at the moment.

Bath Stuff
$3 each, 6 for $15
Disclaimer: I'm not sure of the dates on any of these. They've been stored in a hatbox; they may be crumbled or faded. If you want photos, ask and I'll try to take them, but they're cheap for a reason. Several from the UK are stickered shut in a paper bag; I haven't opened them so I don't know their condition.
Bathos - pending
Bling Crosby x 2
Candy Cane BBS x 2 - pending
Dream Time (wrapped in foil, slightly smooshed)
Flosty Gritter (faded) - pending
Silent White x 2 (unopened in paper bag) - pending
Snowdrops (small hole at the top where a sugar/salt crystal used to be)
Tea & Sympathy x 2 - pending
Too Drunk to F**k (missing candy piece for eye)


"Special" Bath
not included in promo above
Supersize Lush Pud (top is broken in half) - $10
Vanilla Mountain - $10 (no vanilla pod 'stem')



All soaps are $1.25 per ounce.

Bob Soap (cut piece, triangle shaped) – 9 oz - $11.25
Cocktail Soap (molded piece w/ 'B' on top) – 2.5 oz - $3.13
Cocktail Soap (molded piece w/ 'B' on top) – 2.2 oz  - $2.75
I Should Coco (cut piece) – 8.9  - $11.13
I Should Coco (cut piece) – 7.8 - $9.75
I Should Coco (cut piece) – 7.5 - $9.38
I Should Coco (cut piece) – 7.9 - $9.87
Let Them Eat Cake Soap (molded brick) – 3.2 – has bomb dust stuck to it - $4.00
Rock Star (molded star) – 1.0 - $1.25
Rock Star (molded star) – 1.2  - $1.50
Snowcake (molded brick) – 3.3 - $4.13
Snowcake (molded brick) – 3.2 - $4.00

You Wash My Back (molded brick, all green) – 2.6 – has bomb dust stuck to it - $3.25


Special Soap

I put it at premium price because I really like this soap and secretly hope it won't sell. But I have too much of it, so please buy it anyway! :)

Noriko – 3.4 - $10


Shower Gels
May have slight separation, but a good shakeup will cure it!
Flying Saucers 500g (exp Oct15-08) $10
RubRubRub 500g (exp Jun24-09) $18
Slammer 100g (exp Aug19-09) $8
Snow Fairy Shower Gel – 100g – exp Dec08 - $5
Snow Fairy Shower Gel – 100g – exp Dec08 - $5
Snow Fairy Shower Gel – 100g – exp Dec08 - $5
Snow Fairy Shower Gel – 100g – exp Dec08 - $5
Yummy Yummy Yummy 100g (exp Jul30-09) - $6
Yummy Yummy Yummy 500g (exp Jul30-09) - $20 - pending
Yummy Yummy Yummy 500g (no date sticker, bought around same time as other 500g bottle) - $20

Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder - 90-95% full - $8 (tried once or twice, didn't care for it) - pending

Silky Underwear Solid Perfume (exp. Feb09) - $5
Flying Fox Temple Balm (exp. Sep08) - $15

Massage Bars
I cannot promise they'll arrive in perfect condition, depending on the weather.
Bewitched - $8
Irridescent Glitterbug - $5 - pending
Merry Christmas - $8
Merry Christmas - $8

Play Your Cards Right Massage Bar - $4 - pending

Big Calm Jelly (exp Sep08) - $3
Jingle Jelly (exp 12/08) - $4
Jingle Jelly (exp 1/09) - $4

All books do have a bookplate on the inner front cover. I'm neurotic that way.  Books are used so may have some minor shelf wear.  Condition note specifics listed with the book.  I tried to sort them by genre, with the exception of the cheapie books at the bottom.

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ARCs - will toss one in for free if you spend $10 or more on books
Elisha's Bones by Don Hoesel
Emily Post by Laura Claridge
Etta by Gerald Koplan
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet by Jamie Ford
Land of Marvels by Barry Unsworth</div>