April 27th, 2009


Art History Honors homework

Proposed: Write a paper on the Turkish influence on European textiles and fashion in the 16th through 18th centuries.

Pro: Neat idea to research. I like fashion. I gotta write a paper anyway, and this will be new territory.

Con: Where the heck am I going to find information re: this topic? I doubt the city library will help much, and the school libraries certainly won't. Also, none of the art museums in San Francisco have an extensive fashion collection that I'm aware of, so my ability to see examples of my subject first hand will be quite limited.

Perhaps I will propose this idea to Elizabeth (my art history teacher) and see what she thinks.


Also, Paul - are you taking African American history this quarter? I thought I saw you outside of one of my friend's classes, but it's been years since I saw you so I wasn't sure. Sorry if it was you, didn't mean to ignore you!