April 29th, 2009


Design Class Project

I need a bigger scanner so I can show off my art more easily.
Oh well.
This is for my Design class.  We were supposed to use geometric shapes and forms to "open" a black square.  The square is construction paper, and we would cut out a shape and then "mirror" it over the square's edge, so that it would still be touching but would make a neat design.  It's hard to explain, but maybe if you see it you'll understand what I mean:

The original idea was a man holding up a platform that had two pairs of men dancing on it.  Last night it looked like some sort of pig-snouted monster with a unicorn horn.  But now, when I look at it, all I see a giant phallus.
Taking photos w/ a cameraphone always turns out badly.  Poor thing is crooked!
Oh well, that's intro to Design basic project for you.