May 9th, 2009


Tales of Hoffman is so cool...

On Thursday night I saw a ballet with my dad, but I thought it kinda sucked so rather than bitch about all the nitpicky things I disliked I'm just going to post a movie clip of the ballet at the beginning of the 1951 Tales of Hoffman movie.  Tales of Hoffman is actually an opera, but when the movie was made the studio the focus was just as much on ballet as opera - most of the principle roles are played by ballet dancers lip-syncing to pre-recorded opera performances.  It's such a trippy, beautiful, weird movie.  Anyway.  So this is the opening scene for the movie, a short little ballet about dragonflies:

(Just dig those costumes!)

Tales of Hoffman also has my favorite male aria, although I have to admit this short song probably doesn't appear on any opera "expert's" top-10 list.  Oh well.  I tried to find the movie's version, which is conveniently in English, but no luck, so here's some random guy singing an English version of Scintille, diamant:

...I might have to go watch this movie now.  Last time I tried with Sean he fell asleep halfway through the first 'act.'  Lame.