June 23rd, 2009

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Kitty's Wedding ~ June 20th, 2009

Last Saturday one of my oldest friends got married off. Dear Kitty, who I have known since sixth grade, finally wedded her sweetheart Tyler. They've been together for seven years and engaged for at least four, maybe five now! It was time. She's the first long-term friend of mine to tie the knot, so it was a little strange. Part of me kept thinking "But WE'RE TOO YOUNG TO BE GETTING MARRIED!!!" but I also kept reminding myself, "Dude. You're TWENTY-FIVE years old. You are all BITTER OLD MAIDS by now!"

Anyway, this is only the second wedding I've been to 'on my own' rather than as my parents' child. So I don't know a lot of the usual wedding traditions and ceremonies. Christine's Catholic, so this was also my first Catholic wedding.

The wedding was at St. Joseph's Cathedral Basilica in downtown San Jose. It's the prettiest church in the area.

I spent a lot of the slower moments of the wedding ceremony contemplating the murals on the wall and trying to remember what little I know about the Catholic saints. I would be embarrassed about the meagerly few facts I managed to pull together, but asking my friends who grew up Catholic and realizing they didn't know anything either made me feel better, although a little sad.

Andi couldn't sit with us because she was doing a reading during the ceremony, but Seanie and I found Kero and Sean as well as some of my old co-workers from Bath & Body Works. Sean had cut his face shaving right before he left, and it still hadn't stopped bleeding when we got to the church so he sat with a finger holding a piece of kleenex to his face throughout the ceremony.

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Big group photo of all the young'uns from junior high, high school, college!

I felt really bad that I didn't recognize everybody right away, but at the same time I was surprised how many faces I could remember since a lot of these people I haven't seen for five or ten years. It was a lot of fun to see everyone again!

Kitty and Taitai, I wish all the best to you!