July 7th, 2009

piranha - fire.

4th of July 2009

I never got around to posting about the 4th of July. So quickie short post.

Sean and I went up to Aptos, to his family's cabin near the beach, and ate hot dogs and hamburgers. Sean's uncle was *really* pushing for me to set off firecrackers, which I didn't want to do but he seemed convinced it was some stupid rite of passage I had to complete. I mean, I like watching fireworks shows but lighting the fuse and throwing the little things around? Eh. Open flames are always worrisome. Long hair, usually hanging all over the place = perfect target for sparks or careless fuse-lighting. But I ended up setting off a couple of little ones. One that spun and looked like a little color-changing flower, and one or two that just made a big bang. Don't remember the names.

After everyone ate we went down to the beach, where people were blowing up all sorts of illegal fireworks. Smoke everywhere. It was very pretty and noisy. Cops were busting people for lighting fireworks all over, but there were so few cops and so many offenders that they could never catch everyone. Do I think fireworks should be illegal? Probably not, as long as people clean up after themselves and don't blow 'em all when people are sleeping. But the fact is, where I live they are illegal, so if you get caught there's a fine. No point bitching about it, that's just the chance you chose to take when lighting up. I really haven't got much sympathy for the people who were complaining about how their rights are being trampled all night long.

Oh well. It was fun to see everyone. The fireworks were pretty. Can't complain about the evening, overall.