August 12th, 2009

piranha - MAC green tea.


- Did three loads of laundry today. Man. Dirty clothes pile up fast!

- Packing for Ashland. I leave tomorrow morning and return Monday afternoon. It's gonna be fun! Gonna be weird, though, being gone. Can't wait!

- When my manager at Lush made the schedule this week, half the shifts were against my availability. Argh. She wasn't working when I called earlier, so I need to send her an e-mail. It's going to be hard to try and cover the shifts from Oregon, so I might wait until I get back home to call everybody. But then that'll make it harder to get the shifts covered.
This happens every time I update my availability. I guess I change my availability somewhat frequently - every two-three months as school quarters start and end - but I always have the new times in the binder at least two weeks before the change occurs.

- Can't shake that annoying feeling that I'm overpacking for Ashland, and I'm forgetting something important. What have I failed to put in my bags?

- I'll be seeing six plays in Ashland. Macbeth, Music Man, Don Quixote, Much Ado About Nothing, All's Well That Ends Well, and Henry VIII. Should be cool. I've read/listened to all four of the Shakespeare plays during the past month so they're pretty fresh in my mind.

- There was an event at the Clubhouse on Monday night that I had to work. They're currently electing new members to the Board of Directors and it was 'Meet the Candidates' night. I was putting out plates of grapes and cheese and crackers and breadsticks all night long. Kept me busy!