August 17th, 2009

kid - the princess screams.

Ashland 2009, Day Five (Drive Home)

Woke up. I had been smart enough to do most of my major packing the evening before. I rolled out of bed, grabbed my toiletries and hopped in the shower for a quick wash. Everyone else had showered the evening before, so for once there wasn't a line. Once I was dressed and back in the dorm room, I quickly ripped the sheets off the bed and shoved them into the pillowcase, per the dorm's instructions. I added my damp towel on top, and bam! The room was ready to go.

It was a little strange getting breakfast by myself, since Ally and I had eaten every other meal together. But somehow I managed to get chocolate chip pancakes, frozen eggs and the rest onto my plate. Considering our bus left at 8:30, there were very few people eating in the cafeteria, but I found some of the other people from my class and had a lovely time talking about Henry VIII and San Francisco and statistics. Y'know. Grown-up conversation.

After loading the bus with my bags I was chattering away with Nan, one of the women in the group, about canning and fresh food, but I couldn't stop yawning and before we had crossed the Oregon-California border I was already asleep. When I woke up Teacher J was starting a DVD about Shakespeare for us, so and the bus trip seemed to fly by.

Lunch was a turkey sandwich, Capri-Sun, fruit cup and cookie. The cafeteria staff had also kindly provided a pasta salad, but very few people touched it.

We were running ahead of time, and made it back to DeAnza at 4:00 pm, half an hour before our scheduled arrival. Seanie was late, so I watched everyone else leave. There were only a few people left by the time he got there, but I was so happy to see him and be home that it didn't matter. He took me home and my lovely Oregon vacation was officially over.