September 20th, 2009

piranha - medieval headdress.

Renaissance Faire 2009

September 20th, 2009.
Last day of freedom. (School starts tomorrow.)
What to do?
Escape reality and flee back into the past at the NORTHERN CALIFORNIA RENAISSANCE FAIRE!!!

I woke up pretty bloody early in the morning so that Seanie and I could be at Terry's house by seven. Amazingly, the frantic scrambling and frustration of Seanie's desire for more sleep paid off, and we actually arrived on time. Of course, Terry and Rhi weren't quite ready, but these things happen.

After waiting for a bit (browsing the bookshelves to amuse myself) the four of us headed over to IHOP for breakfast. Nothin' like sweet, sweet french toast to start off the day! I have to admit, though, it's totally a buzzkill to read the new menus. IHOP recently started printing the calorie count for each entree right next to the description, so you'll happily read "French Toast: Delicious strawberries in sweet sticky syrup layered over fluffy, thick slices of french toast awash in buttery goodness and powdered sugar" and then at the end of the mouth-watering description it reminds you "2990 CALORIES!!!" *sigh* I mean, we were going to the Renn Faire and that meant tons of high-calorie food, plus alcohol, so a huge breakfast on top of it was just a heart attack waiting to happen. k
But so what? I still got french toast.

After breakfast we went back to Terry's to pack up costumes and get Sarah, one of Rhi's friends. (I'd met her briefly at a party or two.) Then off we went to Gilroy, where Kathleen lives. Kathleen is Rhi's mom, and she officially owns the Cutest House in the World. Seriously. They have a wonderful front porch to sit and relax in a summer breeze. They have a beautiful Victorian parlor as you walk in. The guest bedroom is exquisite, with wicker baskets and antique furniture. There are cute little china teapot sets EVERYWHERE. There's a library that I could peruse for days; I saw soooo many books from my various wish lists on the shelves. Really awesome. She and Eric also have a huge selection of costumes and we spent hours picking out what to wear from her collection. In fact, we spent so long that we didn't get to the Faire until past noon, which was a pity, because we missed the first jousting tournament.

But we were there! At the Faire!

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