October 25th, 2009


Also, my accounting teacher has a really screechy, annoying voice.

My accounting teacher - the rather frumpy one that reminds me of Dolores Umbridge - is not a very good teacher. She uses the powerpoint slides provided by the textbook's publisher in her lectures, which is fine, but she doesn't really use them. Sometimes she'll speed through the slides so fast you can't write any of the definitions down - but she quizzes you on the same definitions later. Other times she'll being doing a demonstration problem on the whiteboard when she'll veer off and do all these extra calculations to determine things not required in the problem. For example, the problem might ask what the variable costs per unit is for a certain sales number, but she'll also work the numbers to see what would happen if we increased sales ten percent, or if we started manufacturing a second line of sweaters, or all these other funny details not called for in the original problem. It gets really confusing.

She also seems to have a set number of questions we need to ask her - if we aren't asking questions, we weren't paying enough attention. A few days ago she went off on a little rant that we should be paying attention because she's the "interpreter" of the book. We could just read the textbook, she conceded, but we couldn't understand it without her help so we ought to pay attention to her. But when you do ask a question, she doesn't answer it very well, either pointing at where she's done math on the board and telling you to look there, or referring you to the textbook anyway!

Also, if you're ever late she gives you the stink eye, and continues to glare at you for the rest of the quarter. Seriously. Whenever she looks into my back corner, she looks so angry, like she can't believe I have the audacity to come to class...and that's when I'm on time.

I'm really stumped on one of the chapters - Process Cost Accountings makes absolutely no sense to me. I'm hoping to ask accounting teacher from the summer for help, but I don't know if I'll be able to find him before the next accounting midterm. :-/ At this rate, though, I'm seriously thinking that my best helper will be Dr. Wikipedia. Again.