December 19th, 2009

kid - of a shyness that is criminally vu

Analyzing my scholastic achievement this fall.

I finally got my grades for Fall 09.

History of Modern Art - A-
Statistics - Dropped
Managerial Accounting - C
Design & Color - A
Intro to Archeology l- A

Let's see. Do I have any regrets? Not really. Am I sorry that I dropped Statistics? A little, but I didn't understand anything. The teacher was kind, and he meant well, but it was a dull class and he had trouble answering questions, like he couldn't rephrase the concepts into different words. It was frustrating. Plus, the quizzes/exams were always on Fridays and I'd miss them because I was at work - he would never mention ahead of time that they were coming so I could request the time off. So I don't think I could have made that class work.

Managerial Accounting? Again, I had a lot of trouble with that teacher. (Instructors really make or break the classes at DeAnza.) She was NOT the teacher I wanted to take Accounting 1C from, but a few days before the quarter started all the classes got shuffled around, and my original teacher didn't even teach a section of 1C this quarter. My new teacher was well-rated on Rate My Professor, so I figured it would be OK, but it wasn't. She would insist on us asking questions, and would pause the class for 2-3 minutes of silence until someone popped a question out. She'd go off on tangents left and right. I was late to a class early on in the quarter and I always felt I was getting the stink-eye the rest of the year.
We had that stinkin' Cookie Project, for which we had to bake cookies and present them to the class. It sucked because in my group - all Asians, 4 guys and 2 girls - the boys would not do any of the baking, and I didn't have time with all my work, so it fell on the shoulders of the other girl. We also had a really complicated, expensive recipe so she had to spend HOURS on this project. I couldn't access the class website (all the information about the project was in a Yahoo Group, and the teacher never approved my membership WTF?) so I had to rely on my classmates to tell me what was required. I agreed to do the visual presentation in the form of a cheesy website, which would include all the info given to me by my classmates (recipes, spreadsheets, etc) and a mock order form.
Guy #1 did the job cost sheets, which were fine but even I could tell he'd done them incorrectly. Guy #2 wrote up a paragraph about 'sales forecasting' which was useful but not required for the project, as it turned out. Guy #3 BARELY managed to make a three sentence mission statement after literally taking a week to do it. Guy #4 was supposed to help me with the website, but I heard nothing from him. On the day our cookies were due, we had a craptacular presentation that managed to miss about half the basic requirements of the project. Guy #4 didn't even show up. Oops. Then, when I got home that afternoon, Guy #4 had e-mailed me the suggestion to change the color of the website. I e-mailed him back pointing out that there was little point changing it now, as we'd presented it to the class that morning. He then huffily emailed me back wanting to know why no one called him to let him know the presentation was today.
What am I, your babysitter?
Anyway, that project really soured the class for me, but I had determined waaaaay back that I didn't like the teacher anyway. With so many other interesting classes to study, Accounting really went to the backburner, and a C is the best grade I could have hoped for.
At least I passed!

The art classes are the ones that matter, and I got As in all of those. It does suck a little that I got an A- in Giles' class, but given that I got a C on the term paper (just as I predicted) I'm just glad I kept an A. Granted, I had an A+ on both the midterm and the biography paper we wrote for that class, but I doubt I got an A on the final (I was sick as a dog when I took it) which makes the A- more of a miracle.

Design & Color was definitely the most fun class and I think my only regret there is that it was over! My book turned out OK and I learned a lot, and this class combined withe Design8 in the spring have really rekindled in my interest in creating art as well as studying it. Archaeology was a great class, and I only wish I hadn't missed so many days because the lectures are fascinating. Too bad the only other class that professor teaches is one I've already taken...