January 3rd, 2010

piranha - fire.

It tastes just like medicine.

So I've been coughing and hacking and wheezing for a couple of weeks now. It's been grand, but the coughs have been increasing in frequency and depth so yesterday I resigned myself to the fact that they won't go away on their own and called the Advice Nurse at Kaiser. She suggested a phone consultation with a doctor (lame!) and after waiting FOREVER for the doctor to call (my 'appointment was at 10:10 am, but I wasn't actually called until noon) I was told that I needed an inhaler because the bacteria had gotten so deep into my lungs that atomizing the medicine and spraying it into the lungs was the only way to fight the cold.

So I'm really skeptical about this inhaler thing that Seanie brings me. (He was sweet enough to go to the pharmacy while I rested at home between my two job shifts.) Last night I went poof, poof with the inhaler and nothing. No results. Totally lame. Actually, the only result was I felt light-headed and dizzy, so Seanie had to drive me to work. SUPER lame.

But I tried the inhaler again this morning, and lo and behold it actually helped to suppress my coughing. Instead of hacking up a lung every two-three seconds I have several minutes of peace. I can even complete a sentence sometimes! It's amazing. Hopefully it keeps working.

Seanie says I have to do this for the next four to six weeks, though. Lame. I don't have asthma, so it's weird using an inhaler. But I'm so tired of coughcoughcoughing all the time, so I'll give anything a whirl.