January 21st, 2010

piranha - fire.

<- See that red eye? That's exhaustion, man!

So it's official. I'm overbooked this quarter!

I finally hauled myself over to University Art on Tuesday afternoon to get some supplies for my painting class. One hundred dollars later, I got home with a bagful of goodies and read my e-mail - and realized I'd forgotten to get some supplies for my drawing class. I didn't want to drive all the way over to University Art again, but my first class was canceled the next morning so I went back and spent another $40 on bristol board, ink and pens. Yippee. It's going to be an expensive quarter.

My classes seem to be progressing along at a decent clip. I have a test tomorrow in my Finite Math class, which is as strange and baffling as ever. Hopefully that goes well; we've had two quizzes but I haven't gotten either of them back. There was at least one question on the first quiz and two on the second that I solved, but I'm not sure I solved it the way he wanted us to and he won't give full points for the correct answer if you don't follow the specific sequence that he wants. That makes me nervous.

Mesoamerican Art remains interesting, and difficult, because it's all new to me. I welcome the challenge, though!

History of Architecture is more of a problem...we've reached the end of the third week and we still haven't finished Greece. I mean, it's only a ten week quarter...I don't know how we're going to make it to modern architecture at this rate! I can see why she decided to cut Egypt though; with her style of teaching there just isn't time for it.

At Lush we got some cute new Valentine's Day products in. A blue man-shaped bath bomb called 'The Ex-Factor' that smells like 'Butterball' (musky vanilla), a red-and-white 'Magic Mushroom' bubble bath (it's really cute!) and a heart-shaped soap called 'Love' that smells like the 'Sex Bomb'.

I haven't picked up a single novel this week. All my reading has been school-related, except for a couple of random manga that I read in the bathtub. Le sigh. I hate being this busy!