April 17th, 2010

now - glamour & haute.

RHA: Out with the old, in with the new

I am at RHA right now.
They're having an evening party.  The theme is "April in Paris". It is a charity party, $50 a plate, with donations going to an American Cancer Society.

I'm sleepy (I did not sleep well last night) and want to go home, but I have to stick around 'til the end of the party, which will probably be around 11/11:30.


I have a new co-worker at RHA. My old co-worker, Chris, sent me a text message on Thursday afternoon asking if I could give her more hours because she was "really short this month." I told her that I didn't know, and I'd have to look at my schedule...I already gave her an eight-hour shift last week, and now that RHA is my only job I don't have lots and lots of money coming in. A few hours later, my boss sent me a message informing me that Chris was no longer working for RHA, and I'd be training a new temp. employee the next day. So now I wonder...did she quit? Was she let go? I don't know.

The new employee that I trained on Friday is also named Chris, so that is handy. I didn't have to change any of the signs or schedules or anything. She's in her forties, so she has maturity which my boss feels "the office needs."
Oops. I wonder if that's a reference to my habit of asking residents "What's up?" when they come into the office. I'm trying to stop and be more professional, but it's deeply ingrained.
We went over how to use the RHA database, how to process traffic citations, how to issue parking permits, and all the other duties a Clubhouse Assistant has. It was great because I covered more with her in one day than I did in a month of training other temps. I hope she's around for a while, she seems really nice.
Actually, it seems kinda weird that RHA is sticking with temp. agencies. I mean, I was hired directly by the Association and I worked out just fine. I've been working here for almost two years now. But after me, they haven't hired anyone new. They just like to use temps. Why?


Oh well.
Wanna go bed. But working. So can't.