April 25th, 2010

now - screaming infidelities.

Fun Sunday night with the gals from Lush

I've been hitting a lot of people up for free food lately. Jeannie bought me dinner on Thursday (we went to Mandarin Gourmet and it was pretty good!) because she's awesome. Then one of my old co-workers from Lush, Katie, decided to have a Pasta night on Sunday so that's where I ended up tonight!

Have I written about Katie before? I don't think so. She's a lot of fun. She's one of the few people I know who keeps her hair as long as I do. Her husband is a hoot, a total Californian skater.

Melissa and later Deb came as well, and Katie made spaghetti. I'm not even a spaghetti fan, normally, but it was good and Katie's meatballs were AWESOME. But I think the best part was just hanging out with everybody. Usually when the gals get together, it's at a bar...and that's totally not my scene. I mean, I've met people at a bar and had a drink, but I don't like to get plastered and when these guys go out in a group, that's the goal. So I stay home. But that means I miss out on a lot, and sometimes that does bum me out.

But just hanging out was fun. It makes me wish I had a place of my own so that I could have people over to play board games and eat and all that stuff. But even when my house isn't in the middle of a kitchen remodel, it isn't a place I feel comfortable having people over because it's not my place, it's my parents.
I mean, people I knew in childhood and high school? They can come over. But it just feels awkward when people from my adulthood visit.