April 29th, 2010

piranha - envy but for the lashes.

The mundane blathering of a nothing life.


Work on the kitchen continued. They painted the walls today:

I'm a little disappointed in the color. I was aiming for a green more in the jade-to-olive range. But I'm an idiot. Mom kept bugging me to look at paint chip samples when I got home from work, at night, so I always saw them under artificial light. Thee color I picked is actually quite a bit more yellow than in the photograph above. Hopefully it'll all look OK when the kitchen's done. I freaked out a bit when I saw it, though. Went running for the paint chips to see if this was *really* the color I'd picked. They've also painted our door into the kitchen a bright white, but not the door frame, so it looks a little weird right now.

Mom had her colonoscopy today, so I took her to Kaiser and hung around for a few hours while they did whatever they did. The parents of a former student recognized her, so Mom got to have a little mini-celebrity moment being seen in an embarrassing situation. But everything looked healthy and normal, so we won't have to take her in for another test anytime soon.

My church used to post two months' worth of sermons online in mp3 format, and that was always nice if you missed a Sunday or wanted to re-listen to part of a series. (The sermons usually come in series that range from four-eight Sundays in a row.) After our old pastors Galen and Dave retired, and Chip was hired on, they changed to only posting the sermons from the current series. I barely noticed the change, because it still served my needs, but at times it was a little annoying to go to the website to hear the last sermon in a series and realize that they'd all been taken down.
I logged on today to hear last Sunday's sermon (now that I work Sundays 8-3 I never go to church) and they've changed the rules *again*. Now they only post the weekly sermon Sunday-Thursday, although in practice this seems to be Sunday-Wednesday since at 4pm on Thursday it had already been taken down. If I want to get a copy of the sermon, I now have to buy a CD at the church's store. Not only is that wasteful from an environmental standpoint, I *doubt* I'm going to be so into the message that I'll want to listen to it multiple times.

I dunno. It seems like Chip is really trying to push this church into a mega-church, which I've known all along, but to do this he has changed a lot of the aspects of the former church that I liked. It's become far less personal - for example, you now have to take communion during a separate service because the crowds are too large to do it during the main service - and the community feel is gone. I mean, I feel the personal connection in the small group, but that's not the same, really. Sean also used to volunteer to help the media team - he's help record weekly sermons and man the cameras, that sort of thing. At some point "Chip's people" took over all operations and Sean's help was no longer needed.
I talked to my friend Kostas about this earlier in the month. I'm leaning towards finding another church, but I would like to try something much, much more traditional - like an Anglican or Greek Orthodor or even gasp! a Catholic church. Sean'd rather keep things nice and informal.
We'll see, I guess.