May 3rd, 2010

kid - jabba the hutt impression.

Bitch moan and life is hard. Or I had a Spanish test today.

So I missed a couple of days of class because I was sick, right?
I figured that it sucked, but I couldn't have missed that much.


When I got to class this morning, I had a Spanish test.
DANG IT! actually wasn't as bad as I expected. I mean, it wasn't easy by any stretch of the imagination, but I was able to conjugate the verbs and piece together answers for vocabulary questions based on the words' resemblance to English words. ("Based on the words to choose from, I think 'molestar' is most likely to mean 'to annoy' because it's like the word 'molest' in English.") I even managed to figure out, based on other questions, the content of a conversation I never read and how to change negative sentences to positive ones. Hopefully I passed the exam. That's all I ask for.

The rest of my classes were fine. There's a test next week in Math, and the Ramayana may be an Important Myth of a Great Civilization/Religion, but I don't particularly care about either of those.