May 21st, 2010

piranha - violently blue.

It's the day before my birthday, what-ho!

In my Mythology & Folklore class, our teacher is making us do a group project analyzing the plot or characters of a  popular media item with Campbell's 'Hero's Journey' or whatever.  Pretty vague, eh?  I decided to skip class on Wednesday - no good reason, just didn't feel like showing up - and my group-mates decided to analyze the mythological elements of God of War III
My first thought?  Buh...what?
My second thought?  Well, that was sweet of them to include me in their group when I wasn't even at school that day.  We can do whatever the heck the kids want.

So this morning we met at the house of Ingrid, the girl with the nicest TV set-up, to play God of War III.  All I can say is WOW VIDEO GAMES SURE HAVE GROWN UP.  I mean, I play games for the Wii, so I really wasn't aware of just how sharp and detailed game animation has become.  The fact that a video game now has credits at the beginning and screen writers and all these moviesque details blew me away.  The game play didn't seem all that exciting, but the detail in character design and world made it actually interesting to watch.  WEIRD.  So I spent about an hour eating cupcakes watching Kratos battle Poseidon with the aid of the Titans and then descend into Hades.  Then I skipped off to work, hoping like heck that the rest of my group would be able to beat the game with enough time for us to write about it.

Work was slow, so Seanie stopped by and brought me dinner.  He got half-price bento boxes at Mitsuwa.  Yum.  His was beef curry, his favorite, and mine was a weird fried chicken thing with a fish salad and lots of rice.  Om nom nom.

When I got home from work at 9:30, I couldn't go up to my bedroom because Seanie was working on my birthday present.  So I hovered downstairs for a few minutes until he ran down and gave me this card:

Cute, right?  He was so busy arranging and preparing for job interviews this week that he never got a chance to buy me a birthday present, and anyway he had no idea what to get me so he thought it safer to let me pick something.  Isn't he just so precious and adorable?
(Yes, this was made by a twenty-six year old man, but sometimes I talk about him like he's five.  Hee hee.)