June 19th, 2010

piranha - coming up roses.

Trying to break the isolation habit.

I made an effort to be more social this week. Two weeks ago, at the last bible study I attended, I resolved that I would try to make myself more available to my friends since I felt like the last few quarters I really hadn't made that effort, because I've been so consumed with work and school. Excuses, excuses.

So as a result, I hung out with Darby at school for a while instead of hurrying home after class on Monday. Sure, it meant I had less prep time before work to relax, but all I would have done is eaten or watched TV or wasted time in some other frivolous way.

Tuesday was bad. I skipped bible study, but I really had to study for my math exam. (You know how I've freaked out over that.) I kinda wish I'd just gone anyway. The small group environment is very relaxed and really helps me unwind for the rest of the week.

Thursday I hung out with Bryan for a while. We got donuts. (Oh, so exciting.) He had wanted to go swing dancing the night before, but after I got off work I was just too wiped out. So we had donuts instead. Thursday night I got all ambitious and made dinner with my brother, and after he went off to rehearsal (he's in a production of G&S's The Mikado) Seanie came back from his trip to E3 and we spent the evening watching TV.

They say to be wary of Greeks bearing gifts, but they never said anything about Vietnamese people so when Jeannie came over on Friday night with Chinese take-out, life was awesome. Is awesome. The best part of hanging out with Jeannie is she isn't all girly-talk-about-feelings or hey-let's-pretend-we're-those-sex-in-the-city-chicks so it's totally low-key. Also, no one else comes close to appreciating dinosaur-shaped food as much as I do.

I guess that's the weekly round-up. I have to go back into hibernation for the next week. It's finals. Ew.