June 22nd, 2010


Thinking about the dating scene, but abandoning that train to eat a snack.

Seanie and I stayed late today after small group ended, and had a nice long chat with J, the group's hostess. She's always really sweet and considerate, and talking to her tonight really did a lot to reinforce the idea that there are, in fact, good people out there in the world.

She's single, but is the type of woman who wants a man in her life. She can't seem to find a guy in line with her moral views. There's a guy in one of my classes at DeAnza that I think would be great for her. I don't know him super well, but from what he says and does I think their values might line up pretty well. But how to get them to meet? That is the magic question.

If I didn't have Seanie, I suspect that I'd be in another relationship. The one nice thing about getting older is that it's a lot easier to find guys, but perhaps the only reason there are so many "potentials" is because I'm *not* dating, and thus I'm missing warning signs a more seasoned girl would pick up on. Who knows? But at any rate, no matter how plentiful men seem now there's a point in a woman's early thirties when good, single men just dry up. They've all been married off, or gone weird, or become aware of the power shift and no longer fight so hard for attention. I think J must be at this point, or at least growing aware of it, because dating really stresses her out.