June 26th, 2010

piranha - feather nest.

Yay! New books!

Seanie and I went up to Mountain View tonight to visit Bookbuyers, my favorite used book store in the whole wide world. We had a coupon for $20 off a $50 purchase, so it seemed like the perfect chance to buy up some volumes of the Classics of Western Spirituality series that I've been eying for months. It is my goal to someday own the entire collection, after all. I ended up buying three volumes:

Saint Gregory was a 4th century Christian bishop who helped formalize the doctrine of the Trinity, the idea that Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are both three separate beings and one Holy God. The way I usually hear it expressed is that God is like an egg, but the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit are like the shell, whites and yolk. Three separate parts, one united whole. Anyway. His 'Life of Moses' will be the first of his works that I've read.

The Pietists, 1500 years later, were a Protestant reform movement that split from Lutheranism and eventually helped inspire the Methodists. Founder Philip Jakob Spener endorsed six principles for reforming the church:
1. Formation of small groups/study groups for the study of the Bible
2. Universal priesthood - laity should be involved in the business of the Church
3. A belief and knowledge of Christianity should be accompanied by practice of those beliefs
4. Sympathetic, kind treatment of heretics and unbelievers
5. Emphasis on the devotional life in theological training
6. Replacing rhetoric in preaching with focus on the inner man/development of soul
Should be interesting to see the evolution of his ideas through successive generations.

The last book, selected writings of Jeremy Taylor, was bought because it was a book in the series I don't yet own. I don't know a thing about the man.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, on this bookstore trip I also purchased Island of the Sequined Love Nun. Oh, Christopher Moore. I <3 you.