June 27th, 2010

makaiju - ya couldn't get away.

Waiting for my grades is a miserable business.

I got a B in my Mythology and Folklore class.
I wonder why I didn't get an A?

I probably just blew off too many classes. Knowing the class wasn't important (didn't count for my major or transfer) plus the fact that I didn't feel like I got much from the class discussions meant I went home early a lot of afternoons. I should really stop doing that in classes that grade for participation...


I'm probably going to fail math. I've come to peace with that, even though not passing the class means I won't transfer to SJSU and sets me back an entire year. Whatever. I've made my backup plan.
I'll take the math class during the summer - six weeks of torture will be better than twelve - and hopefully get into some Open University classes at SJSU this fall. If I get in, great, I'll take SJSU classes like I planned, and simply not be an 'official' matriculated student. If I can't find any classes with room for me, I'll take classes at DeAnza.

But maybe I'll somehow get really luckily and pass Finite Mathematics this quarter. I hope I hope I hope...