June 28th, 2010

piranha - fire.

First day of summer school, it sucks!

I still don't know if I passed my Finite Math class; as of this morning the grade still wasn't posted in DeAnza's system. To be safe, I found a summer section of the class that I could add to; the bad news is that it meets at 7:30 so I have to be out of bed and on the road at the buttcrack of dawn. So Seanie will be spending the night for the next six weeks so he can bully me out of bed every day and make sure I attend class on time.

So Klein, the teacher for Finite Math: Summer Edition is pretty f*cking rad. The guy's from Brooklyn, very no nonsense, and really tries to explain the concepts in useful, real-world scenarios. The class is going to go very quickly - he cheerfully told us we would have no life for the next six weeks - but I think it'll be fine. He doesn't induce panic the way my previous teacher did. (I wonder if the mere fact Klein is a native English speaker is the reason I find him so much easier to understand?)

So I'm glad to have a quality math teacher. My Spanish teacher - the same one I had last quarter - is very good, too, so I'm actually pretty pleased with my summer quarter, except that it starts so freakin' early. That makes me want to cry. 7:30am-12:15pm isn't a bad schedule, but waking up early SUCKS.