June 30th, 2010

piranha - fire.

Pumpkin has poison oak!!

Seanie's been unhappy all week because he somehow managed to contract poison oak. The source is unknown, but we suspect his family's pet goat. On Sunday he helped pull it free of a tree it got stuck in, and by Tuesday he had a huge red rash on the right half of his face, in his elbow-pits (the skin where your upper and lower arm touch when you bend your elbow) and on his back. It's red and swollen and itchy as hell. I feel bad for him; his eye is so puffy and misshapen it looks like someone smashed a fist into his face.
(I wanted to take a picture, but he wouldn't let me.)

He went to the doctor today and got some drugs, so it's not itchy as bad as it was, but every once in a while I'll hear a grunt of frustration or the hiss of his breathing when it's getting especially irritating.