July 6th, 2010

piranha - rotting doll.

Movie: Beetlejuice

How did I make it twenty-plus years without ever watching Beetlejuice

Well, I fixed that tonight.
I kinda wish I didn't.
I was rather disappointed with the movie.

At first, I was puzzled because it didn't seem like Beetlejuice was even in the movie.  He had barely any screen time, which is weird for a title character, and I'm not at all convinced he was even necessary.  The story seemed to progress without him just fine; remove him from the movie and the Maitlands could have just kept escalating their hauntings until the Deetzes left or all conflicts were resolved.  Beetlejuice was just added weirdness.

Of course, 'just added weirdness' is pretty much a trademark of all Tim Burton films, so can I really complain?

After Beetlejuice finally showed up, I was glad he had so little screen time because he was REALLY FREAKIN' ANNOYING.  Ohmigosh.  That voice.  That face.  That obnoxious, pointless rambling dialogue.  ARGH.  Michael Keaton, what the hell? 
He is seriously one of the most irritating characters I've ever seen on screen.
Black-and-white-striped suits might be ruined for me, and I love stripes.

It's weird.  I remember watching the cartoon off and on in elementary school, but I don't remember a thing about it now.  Was the cartoon's Beetlejuice just as annoying?