July 7th, 2010

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RHA: Drama 2.0 or My Boss is Furious

I'm officially a chicken.
My boss left a very angry voicemail on my cell phone and I was too scared to listen to it. I just deleted it when I heard her start to talk.

Let me back up a bit and 'splain.

See, I got an e-mail this morning from my boss asking if I'd made a reservation on a certain day for the Clubhouse. A tennis mixer had been scheduled, but someone had also booked another party for that morning. I told her that no, I hadn't made that booking because scheduling something at the same time as the tennis mixer was just inviting mountains of drama and why the hell would I do that?
Boss then complained that she thought it was my co-worker, but had no way to be sure and co-worker hadn't even given her a working phone number so she couldn't contact her. Did I have a way to contact said co-worker? (My co-worker's been changing phones left and right. She's on her second or third phone number since moving to California earlier this year.) I gave Boss the most recent phone number I had for my co-worker, but it wasn't any good. So my boss was fuming, because she now has to talk to the chair of the tennis committee and bear the brunt of his anger when he finds out the Clubhouse has been given away to another group to rent, despite his reservation of it at the beginning of the year. Most unpleasant.

Boss then warned me that she'd left a rather unpleasant voicemail for me that morning, because she'd been upset and really frustrated and neither of us was answering her calls. She told me to ignore it, but to feel free to forward the message to my co-worker if I knew how, since the co-worker would be more likely to contact me first than to contact Boss directly. (I don't know *why* my co-workers do this, but they always do.)
I have no idea how to transfer voicemails, though, especially when my co-worker keeps changing her phone number, so I just deleted the message.

It's this co-worker, by the way. It's so weird. In some ways she's really reliable, but then she goes and does really random things without telling or consulting anyone. Like erasing a reservation without consulting the person who made the reservation? Why would you do that?

I really wonder if Boss will hire her. The complex manager really likes her, because she takes initiative and shares his vision of a completely digital database, but sometimes she drives the Boss nuts and I can't see that working in her favor when her temporary contract is up.