July 17th, 2010

piranha - pearly whites.

Gizdich yummies strike again..!

Seanie went to Gizdich Ranch today after his usual round of surfing and came back with an armful of treats.

- A bag of nectarines and plums from a roadside fruit stand. The plums are so good. Soft and juicy and super sweet. I was so excited when he called and asked what fruit I wanted! One of the biggest problems with working on the weekend is that I can never make it to the local farmers' markets.

- An apricot pie. I've never had an apricot pie before, isn't that weird? Peach, yes. Apricot? Not so much.
It's very, very good.

- Mini-strawberry pie. I had initially asked for a strawberry pie, because Gizdich makes GREAT strawberry pies, but Seanie thought that would be stupid since it's just glazed berries in a crust. DELICIOUS BERRIES IN AN AWESOME CRUST THANK YOU VERY MUCH. But I'm a whiner so even though he already bought the apricot pie, he got me a mini-strawberry pie. I guess it's a tart? Also very, very good.

- Gizdich apple juice. It's also awesome.

Man, I should have taken pictures of the awesomeness before I ate it all, so you could see how great the bounty was.