July 25th, 2010

piranha - violently blue.

Ashland, Day Four

Our last day in Ashland started out pretty early, since we had to pack up all our belongings and be out of our room after breakfast.  The owners of the B&B were really nice, and let us leave our car and food there until we actually left Ashland in the late afternoon.

Breakfast was delicious, as always.  No breakfast dessert, unfortunately, but we had berry pancakes and "winged creatures fruit" that looked like delightful little butterflies.

Breakfast menu for our last day.

"Winged Creature Fruit"

Last minute photo in the downstairs parlor of the Oak Street Station B&B

Before we headed back to San Jose, we had one more play, Pride & Prejudice.  It wasn't until 2pm, so we spent most of the morning wandering in and out of Ashland's shops.  (It's so easy to spend money there.  It's ridiculous.)   There are tons of bookstores, but one of the most interesting looking ones was a children's bookstore.  They had absolutely lousy customer service, though. We walked in and they ignored us.  No greeting, no "What can we help you find today?" and even after we started browsing, no acknowledgment of our presence.   It really annoyed me.  I mean, sure, we didn't have children with us, but what if we were shopping for a present for a nephew or niece?    We even found a book that I wanted to buy, because it just seemed like fun, but I was so irritated about the lack of customer service that we just left.
Yeesh.  I'm not saying they had to have a conversation with us or anything, but a simple "Hello" would have been nice.

This was the book we would have bought:

Someone said it was AWESOME!  It must be good, right?

At another bookstore, we found a 'Pop-Up Book of Phobias.'  It seemed just like Seanie's sort of book:

The Pop-Up Book of Phobias

I think this was the 'fear of germs' page, but all you really need to know was someone took the time to make a 3-D, pop-up toilet.

For lunch we had pizza because it was quick and delicious.  Seanie was super-excited because they gave him an extra piece of pizza for free. 

Pride and Prejudice was interesting on the stage.  I'll write more about it in a separate post, but I must say that this was the most awkward Darcy I've ever seen.   Awkward in a teenager crush kind of way, not awkward like sleazy guy hitting on a girl at a bar.

Leaving Ashland around...oh, 4:30 maybe?
The drive home was loooooong.  We listened to Christopher Moore's Lamb and spaced out, mostly.  We were pretty exhausted from a virtually non-stop weekend.

We had dinner at the Black Bear Diner, which I thought was awesome because the entire place was plastered in photos, statues and paintings of black bears.  BEARS BEARS EVERYWHERE!  Also, the food was awesome in a greasy American diner way.  Yum.

We got home sooooo late though. I think it may have been past midnight by the time we pulled into my driveway.  I had school the next morning (with a math midterm, sooooo lame!) and Seanie had to leave for work at 5:00am, but at least we made it home in one piece.  Whew.

The End of
Vacation: Ashland 2010.