August 9th, 2010

piranha - MAC lips

Tentative Fall Schedule...kinda sucks!

So if all goes according to plan, this fall I will be taking:

History of African Art
History of Islamic Art
Multicultural Art in the United States
Spanish 3
Art History 100W (Writing)

Oh, it's going to be ever so much fun. I'm pretty sure I won't take all three of the art history classes; I just haven't decided which one I'll get rid of before classes actually start. I'm pretty uninterested in all three. I think African Art's at the bottom of the list; once the art goes south of Egypt I just lose all interest. Understanding Islamic art will probably be pretty important if I want to write about the Moorish influence on Spanish art, so I think I'll definitely be taking that class. As for American art, I don't care about it in general, let alone the influences of various cultures, but it's an online class so it's easy on my scheduling.

I spent most of this morning cleaning out my closet. I think it's been two and a half, maybe three years since my last clothing purge. Since I never throw anything away, there's a lot to go through. It's always hard; I get really attached to my more outlandish clothes, but I never wear them because they're so....well, out there! But I finally had to give up on several pairs of pants that I'm never going to comfortably squeeze into (good-bye, latex and vinyl!) and several dresses made of cheap material that just don't look good anymore. Tomorrow or Wednesday I'll do the other half of my closet. That will be all the tops.