September 16th, 2010

piranha - love me some lollipops.

Woohoo! A raise!

I had my annual review at RHA today.

This is how reviews at RHA work:

Boss: Hi Suzi, how are you?
Me: Swell.
Boss: You're great, we love you, sign this form saying as much.
Me: OK.
I sign form. It says stuff like "When trouble arrives, Suzi shows initiative" and "Suzi is very dependable and always exceeds expectations" and the like.
Boss: Your raise is an extra fifty cents an hour.
Me: Cool!
Boss: Fantastic. See ya!
Me: Bye!

Hooray! That was easy. $14.25 is pretty sweet for a job that involves large periods of nothing but blogging, reading for pleasure, and doing homework.