October 5th, 2010

piranha - medieval headdress.

Small Group Update

I haven't written about my 'small group' at church in a while now.

Seanie and I are still attending meetings on Tuesday evenings, with the same group of people we've been meeting with since January. The group has shrunk quite a bit from our initial meeting; I guess once people got through the "r12 Christian" lesson module, they decided they could check 'small group' off the list of things they had to do to be a good Christian, and left.

Over the summer we struggled through a book called 'Crazy Love' by Francis Chan. I say struggled because nobody seemed very interested in the subject matter after the first two-three weeks. It might have just been the season, though. In the summer people go on vacation, so attendance was more sporadic, and Tuesday night meetings were canceled, spreading the book out for a much longer period of time than really necessary. I wrote what I thought of the book over on BookCrossing, but didn't really discuss it much with the group.

Now we're reading the two books of Corinthians, and I think that it's working much better for the group than our previous books. There's something to be said for going straight to God's Word rather than the filter of an author. We do have a John MacArthur study guide to help us guide discussion, but most of the insights come through the conversation, which helps.

Jeannie started attending the small group, too, when we began the Corinthians study. I think that's pretty cool. It's kinda funny, because for the last couple of years we haven't been seeing each other much, but now I see her practically every other day. Tuesdays at Bible study, Thursdays for our standing "date" night, and Saturdays at work. Pretty awesome!