October 26th, 2010


A non-event, I guess.

This morning I went with Jez, the hostess of our small group, to the AVUCC (my dad's church, and the church of my childhood) to see if she could host a recital there. (She's a music teacher who works out of her home.) My dad's church is seriously strapped for cash, and Jez can't afford to pay a lot to rent a place, so it seemed like a good match. But Jez was having a lot of trouble getting responses from the folks at church. With the boldness that comes when you've grown up in a building, I brought her to AVUCC and gave her a quick tour. Wandering around the church made me feel very nostalgic for the years I spent there, when I was in Christmas pageants and talent shows and youth groups. If only there were other people at AVUCC my age, I'd probably go right back.

After Jez tested the piano and talked to the office manager, we had bagels and chatted. It was the first time I'd hung out with her outside of small group activities, so it was fun.