November 7th, 2010

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Disney World 2010: Planning

The 'Disney World 2010' trip is starting to take shape, and I'm excited.

We'll be flying out of San Jose on the evening of December 26th, hopping down to L.A., and taking an overnight flight to Orlando.  Seanie's friend Alexis will pick us up on the morning of the 27th, and we'll spend the next two days exploring the Universal Studios parks.  If we were going at another time a year, I wonder if one day would be enough for both parks?  But we're gonna be surrounded by Christmas crowds, so it'll be a madhouse.  Two days it is.  At night, we'll be staying a Holiday Inn.  Yeah, I know, not so exciting, but hey, it's close to Universal and it's a clean bed to sleep in.

(At least, I hope it's a clean bed.  I actually had a nightmare the day after I booked the room that we'd find a bedbug-infested room and Seanie would hate me for the rest of the trip.)

There's a third day where I don't know what we'll do.  Seanie wants to go out to Cape Canaveral and see the space stuff.  I can't say it interests me, but hey, Seanie's letting me call the shots for practically the rest of the trip so if he wants to see some space rocks or whatever, let's do it.

On the 30th we'll be  checking into the Disney property.  We're staying at the Caribbean Resort, in a pirate room.  Yes.  A PIRATE ROOM WITH BEDS SHAPED LIKE SHIPS!  Oh yeah.  It's gonna be epic.  Or stupid.  Or both!!!!!!  Alexis' aunt works for Disney, so she got us a great discount on the room so that was pretty awesome.  I don't know how we're going to tackle the Disney parks yet, but Seanie's aunt gave us a huge guidebook that I'll be working through.  I hate the idea of microplanning the trip down to which park we'll be in each day at what times, but if we want to eat at any of the nicer restaurants the reservations need to be made now.  Le sigh.  Well, that's what happens when you go during the busiest time of the year, right?

We'll be at Disney until January 6th.  That's right - New Year's at Disney World!
It's gonna be awesome.