December 21st, 2010

piranha - crazy eyes

Shopping: You didn't know you needed it 'til you saw it!

Jeannie and I went shopping in downtown Mountain View today. Officially, we were shopping for presents for her mom and my mom. Unofficially, we were having fun checking out Therapy, one of my favorite clothes/random stuff boutiques, and Bookbuyers, an excellent used bookstore.

At Therapy, we found some great fingerless gloves. One pair was a deep fuschia; the other an olive green. They were cute and warm, and made in Nepal by craftsman. So, if we each bought a pair, it would be supporting Nepalese art! It was basically giving to charity! How could we not buy the gloves?

We spent at least half an hour browsing in Therapy. Maybe an hour. Eventually, Kero came and met us for lunch; only then did we drag ourselves out of the store. We got dim sum down at the end of Castro Street, which was not nearly as expensive as I expected. Like $20 for the three of us. I mean, we got cha siu wrapped in flaky phyllo dough, ha gow, another dumpling with meat and vegetables in it, a slippery dish that had beef in it, I think, and custard buns. Not bad, considering how hard it was to flag down the servers with their carts.

After lunch, Kero had to go back to work, so Jeannie and I wandered over to Bookbuyers. Even though the store was relatively busy, we were able to easily find quiet corners to hide in. Used bookstores are the best place to get lost with a friend. We poked through every book in the mythology section, read all the pretty fantasy stories and dug up plenty of fun childrens' books. Good times. We each ended up buying three books.

Back in San Jose, Seanie was waiting for us with pizzas. He's awesome that way. My mom thought it would be fun to surprise us with pizza, too, so suddenly there were four pizzas for four people. We'll be eating pizza for days. (That sounds A-OK to me!)

Before setting down to watch a movie, we opened Christmas presents. Jeannie got Seanie a t-shirt that says "I <3 HARPIES", because we harp on him all day long. She got me a pretty, Bible-like copy of Lamb by Christopher Moore. Very awesome. Seanie and I had gotten her a bunch of little things - a sweater with skulls on it, a book about making monsters from old clothes, the Return to Labyrinth manga and a "skelegant" mug. (Skull + "elegant" baroque-like designs made with snakes, bats and coffins.) A very nice Christmas for Sean and the Harpies.

A collage Seanie made for Jeannie's Facebook.
Sean and his new shirt on theleft, Jeannie and I reading Lamb and wearing our new gloves on the bottom right, and a picture from an earlier holiday party on the upper right.