January 8th, 2011

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Writer's Block: Snack attack

What food would you never put in your mouth for any reason, and why?

I don’t know why I’m so rigidly opposed to them. I’ve never had a pork rind. I’m not sure I could even identify it on sight. But the idea of them just freaks me out. I mean, it’s the rind…the disposable outer covering of a pig. What is that? Skin? That just sounds nasty.

My boyfriend would probably step in right about now to point out that I eat bacon and ham with no complaint, so why would the skin of a hog be any different? I really couldn’t say. I guess it’s partly that the epidermis comes in contact with the nasty outside world, while the ham and bacon bits are protected inside it. But mostly, when I hear “pork rinds” I just don’t think it can be anything appealing.