February 1st, 2011

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Steepster Review Round-up, January

Just one lonely little entry on Steepster for the entire month of January.
What can I say?
I just wasn't drinking much tea last month.  Or, if I was, I was far too lazy to catalogue it.

Prince of Wales by Twinings

A relatively mild, pleasant breakfast tea. I bought this at the Twinings store in the UK section of Epcot, because my boyfriend and I woke up one morning in our Disney hotel and realized that Mickey doesn’t provide teabags for his guests. How lame is that? The hotel had a hot water heater and plenty of coffee, but not a single tea offering!

Anyway. So this is a great morning tea when you don’t want the forcefulness of English Breakfast or Earl Grey, but still want a properly ‘English’ sort of tea. Tastes very good with milk and sugar. I had the bagged version and it was lovely; I bet the loose tea is even better.