April 3rd, 2011

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RHA's remodeling...yay!

Ever since I first started working at RHA, I've been told that a remodel of the office/main clubhouse has been in the works. People had been saying it was coming for so long that I had long stopped thinking it would ever be a reality. But it's actually rolling forward, at long last. The main building will be closed from mid-April until construction is done, which is estimated to be sometime in September. A trailer should be brought in sometime next week, and we'll be working from there with reduced hours. I'm looking forward to not having to work evenings this summer!

In preparation for the construction, today Jeannie and I had to pack up the kitchen. This meant wrapping up hundreds of plates, silverware, mugs, glasses, and so on while weeding out the chipped and rusted dishes that should have been tossed long ago. One of the residents came to oversee us and make sure we didn't through out anything important. This was probably wise - were it up to me I would have tossed everything and gotten into trouble further down the road. Even so, she ended up saving a lot of stuff that was ugly, mismatched and of dubious value. It'll be really fun unpacking all those boxes in a few months...I imagine more than a few instances of "Huh? Why'd we keep this old thing?"

Still, it's exciting. The kitchen's going to be completely remodeled and modernized, the layout of Clubhouse will be more ADA-friendly, and if all goes to plan new furniture should really help class the place up.